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Name: Princess Allura
Canon: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canon Point: End of Season 1, right when they go through the wormhole
Age: 10,000+. Not counting stasis sleep or alien aging, though, she appears to be somewhere in her early 20s. Who knows how much that is in Altean years?


Wow, her wiki biography sucks.

So, to elaborate a little past that... Allura's childhood was over 10,000 years ago, back when the Galra Empire had only just started its campaign to conquer the universe. Her childhood was relatively peaceful and normal, and she was particularly close to her father, King Alfor. However, she was put into stasis in the Castle of Lions along with her advisor, Coran, and four Altean space mice who were inside her pod. Through this, they survived the attack which would wipe out the other Alteans, making them the last of their kind. Additionally, the king left a copy of his consciousness and memories as an AI in the Castle-ship's computer, to guide and comfort Allura upon her awakening.

When she was woken up by the soon-to-be Paladins, she went right to work acting as their commander -- she named them the new Paladins, gave them their equipment, laid out their first missions to find the remaining lions, and in the coming days saw to it that they trained diligently and learned the essential techniques like forming Voltron. While they were preparing the Castle-ship to leave, they formed a good relationship with the locals, who in the 10,000 years had developed their folklore around the mysterious castle and initially believed Allura was a "lion goddess".

The Galra Empire used this as an opportunity to sneak in and attack the ship's power supply. A new one was retrieved from the Balmera, a planet-sized creature that produced these valuable crystals from its body. In the process, though, it was learned that the Galra Empire had taken control of the creature and had nearly killed the creature by mining too many crystals. After working to rescue it, Princess Allura performed an ancient and difficult Altean ritual to restore its Quintessence.

Returning to the fight, the crew attempted to interrogate a captured minion of Zarkon by having the Castle-ship draw out his memories. However, he corrupted the ship's computer, and in particular the AI of King Alfor. He manipulates Allura through this, using the premise of returning to Altea to steer the ship towards an imploding star. However, her real father's voice fights through, and snaps her out of it. With no other way to save the ship, she destroys the corrupted AI, sacrificing what she had left of the father she loved and respected so much for the sake of continuing on.

The interrogation provides enough information to find a Galran transport hub, which they infiltrate for information. Allura takes this opportunity to show off her shapeshifting abilities to make herself taller and purple-skinned, like a Galran soldier. She goes with Shiro, but the two are ultimately discovered, and Allura ends up sacrificing herself in order to allow Shiro to escape. She considered the well-being of Voltron more important than her own -- unfortunately, the team disagreed, bringing Voltron straight into the arms of the Galra Empire to rescue her. The mission was ultimately successful, but were attacked while escaping, and scattered across the universe. Except now "across the universe" is into this game, I guess?


Even if Allura didn't hold the title of Princess, you would probably be able to tell very quickly that she's royalty. Or at least a politician, or something. She is a Commander who we can believe in, the kind that people would vote for in an election.

She's a natural born leader, one who is both elegantly poised and fiercely strong-willed. She has an unfaltering dedication to her responsibilities, both as a diplomatic figure and a military commander, even in light of how much she's lost and how overwhelmingly huge the threat of the Galra Empire is. And she has an almost optimistic faith that they can still win this. However, this isn't born of naivety, since she's heavily aware of the gravity of the situation. When she speaks of how they will defeat Emperor Zarkon, it doesn't sound like blind optimism, but a fervent sense of conviction.

So, in other words -- yes, she typically has a very serious demeanor. But that's not to say that she comes across as cold or mean, and while she can sometimes seem like a stick in the mud it's not without cause. She's actually very considerate and open-hearted towards the people around her, and the respect people give her is something she earns, not demands.

Part of this is due to the fact that she's relatively young for a ruler and still has a bit of a playful side under her all her elegance and poise; it can be dug out with the right prompting, like a food fight or the bait of juicy gossip. Still, even if she's no wisecracker and may not even get the joke, she doesn't chastise her team for messing around, up until it starts to get in the way of the mission.

However, a bigger part of it may be that she's very much a humanitarian (... alien-itarian?) and never loses her compassion for others even while facing the horrors of war. She is warm and accepting of all races (even the ugly ones) and wants to aid all potential allies. In fact, it's because she has such a deep sympathy for others and an overall respect for life that she has such a firm commitment to the battle against Zarkon -- to her, he represents a threat to the entire universe and all things living in it. While she doesn't show it to the people she's leading, particularly not in the heat of battle, she isn't entirely over the fact that almost everyone she knew and loved from Altea is dead because of Zarkon -- and while her mission to defeat him could be interpreted as her own personal revenge, it would be much more accurate to say that she wants to end his actions, and prevent anyone else from knowing that kind of loss.

Her nature is an incredibly selfless one, even to a fault. She doesn't expect to be pampered despite her position, and adjusts from the riches and comfort of the castle to the grime and sweat of the battlefield without complaint. Her role is her life, there's no taking off the mantle, and it's hard to say what she would do with herself when she did -- even when relaxing or socializing, she often tends to have another goal in mind beyond enjoying herself, like checking in with her team and making sure they're doing all right. She is more than willing to make the necessary sacrifices for the greater good, such as deleting the AI replica of her father and losing him for good. Her self-sacrificing is to the point that she had no issues with letting herself be captured to allow Shiro's mistake, but was then alarmed when the team brought Voltron right to Zarkon's front door to rescure her.


Whether she likes it or not, duty demands that Allura sign that contract one way or another. She can't afford to stay stranded with her own ship/castle missing and the battle left unfinished with the Galra Empire. However, the signature of Altean royalty does not come lightly, and she wants to make sure the crew knows it. Even while being forthcoming about her own need, she goes over the terms in careful detail -- she'll take hours if need be, depending on how stubborn everyone's feeling about this -- scrutinizing any points of concern, and asking questions about how much can be renegotiated for a more mutually beneficial arrangement. One point of particular note is that her fight against the Galra Empire is going to take priority over anything here, and she wants to be prepared to leave this contract if her duties on this ship should come in between her and that mission in any way.


DISCLAIMER: This is just the abilities/skills we know about thus far. There may be more in coming seasons, given that they revealed some of her abilities near the very end of the first season. If need be, I'll canon update to refresh new abilities as needed.

First off, on top of general commander and leadership skills, she also acts as the pilot of the Castle of Lions that acts as the battleship and headquarters for the Voltron team. She gives orders and plans strategies from there, and is familiar with its overall operations, which showcases a huge amount of technical aptitude (though this doesn't stand out much next to a super-genius like Pidge). She's also adept at martial combat, and is far stronger than most humans.

She has remarkable empathic abilities, though these are something she's had less training in and seems to still be exploring. For example, while in stasis sleep with the space mice, she was able to develop a telepathic link with them, and can now communicate with them freely. In a similar way, she was able to communicate through the telepathic Balmera, and could probably link with other empathic aliens the same way. She was also able to perform an ancient Altean ritual to infuse a dying Balmera with Quintessence, something that required incredibe channeling ability and could have killed her if she wasn't able to handle it.

She's also capable of minor shapeshifting. So far, it's known that she can adjust her skintone and height, enough to look like a different kind of humanoid alien. Besides being a neat party trick, this also can assist with stealth missions and impersonating an enemy.


Strengths: Smart, charismatic, but also physically adept. Experienced leader, commander, diplomat. Full committment to the task at hand, but still adaptive, and will make tough judgment calls in a pinch. Good at strategy, stealth. Experienced with technology. Very much well-rounded and a hands-on manager type.

Weaknesses: Can be a stick-in-the-mud, does not always get the joke. High standards, high ethics, deep respect for life. Traumatic history, would have a lot of talk about with a therapist, would probably not want to make time to see a therapist. Can have trouble setting down the mantle and being a regular person.


PETS: She will be coming in with her four space mice. Please don't expect her to keep them in a cage, because she does not. They will be roaming the ship freely. As mentioned in her abilities, she can communicate with them telepathetically and they are able to follow orders.

- One (1) Altean princess dress, complete with circlet-style crown and crystal earrings
- One (1) Altean space bodysuit and helmet

Network Sample:

[It's a good thing that life on the Moira has probably adjusted you all to strange, unusual characters coming aboard, hasn't it? Because this distinctive looking woman looks more like she stepped out of a fantasy game than joined the crew. Like, look at that hair. No one has hair that nice. She probably has a whole makeup crew just outside of the communicator's view.]

Greetings, crew of the Moira. It is my pleasure to meet all of you, and to count myself among your ranks... at least for the time being. I am Princess Allura of the planet Altea.

Before anything else, if there is anyone who has suffered at the hands of the Galra Empire -- or whose home may currently be under Emperor Zarkon's dominion -- please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, I am looking for my Paladins. A group of humans... though I realize that in this place, that may not help to distinguish them, much...

... ah! It's possible that they arrived with their Lions. If you know anyone here who is a pilot of a robot lion, please have them contact me. [That's probably not a big group, right??]

Prose/Action Sample: Test Drive Top Level!


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